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January 4th, 2021

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This month’s theme: Communication


Need to read: Six Habits of The Best Conversationalists. Becoming a good conversationalist requires having a certain set of skills in your communication toolbox.

Should read: How To Manage Communication Styles In Difficult Times. Turbulent times are a stress test for every part of your organization.

If you have time: Want to Win Someone Over? Talk Like They Do. What does it take to become a more convincing communicator?

In The News

Here’s Where The Jobs Will Be In 2021. Few could have predicted the pandemic, and the devastating toll it’s taken on American workers.

Future shock: how will Covid change the course of business? The crisis poses a deadly threat to some sectors and creates opportunities for others. We examine how they will fare in 2021.


Pyrus: The team communication app that helps get things done. The first presentation maker that designs for you.

Fun Stuff

30 Second Dance Party. It gets lit when the button’s hit.

The Least Dangerous To-Do List. Because today was hard enough.

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